Revolutionizing multiplex diagnostics

Instamed is an exclusive distributor of MacroArray Diagnostics (MADx) for UAE. MADx offers an allergy test that is supposed to be better, more efficient and easier to use than the ones of the competition. MADx is dedicated to continuously drive evolution in immunodiagnostics, with a special focus on type I allergies.

An extensive academic collaboration network ensures the translation of the newest findings in basic research into our products. This mutually beneficial exchange with the scientific communities from the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe resulted in a plethora of molecular allergens unique to the ALEX2 platform and the inclusion of a cross-reactive carbohydrate inhibitor in the standard ALEX2 test kits. Both features allow for a thorough and highly specific IgE profiling for a diverse range of allergic patients. This leads to a quicker route to fitting therapeutic options.

Furthermore, significant number of MADx team members are dedicated to the research & development department. Assay developers, biochemists, chemists, and molecular biologists are essential parts of our team.

This science-oriented company philosophy gives MADx the edge in developing new applications for its patented nano-bead technology. The power of this approach is demonstrated here.

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