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About Us

A leading medical equipment supplier to laboratories in UAE

InstaMed is a leading medical equipment supplier to laboratories in UAE and other gulf countries. Since its inception, InstaMed has provided the latest technology, sophisticated equipment, basic medical supplies, and other laboratory sundries. With the quest for excellence, InstaMed is growing exponentially, aiming at becoming the leading medical supplier to the healthcare sector of The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and neighboring Gulf countries.

At InstaMed, we are working tirelessly so you don’t have to. We catalog high-quality products from the most trusted and valued brands and make them easily accessible to you. Currently, InstaMed is serving customers in government and private laboratories, hospitals, and is capable of delivering a laboratory's diverse requirements. Our customers are our assets to be cared for and nurtured. Our highly professional, attentive, and courteous team is available at any instant to cater to each customer's unique needs.

We are beside you, now and forever!


Our mission is to fight diseases and reduce the number of preventable complications by providing the best equipment, and technologies. We are committed to providing you with all the crucial supplies for the laboratories and helping them improve clinical outcomes, cut expenses, and improve critical care of patients with an accurate diagnosis. We understand that our customers approach us with their unique needs. To attend to them, our products are services concentrate on every aspect of their facility, to satisfy all of their requirements and assist them in protecting, supporting, and saving lives.


Our Values


Integrity drives our business because we deal with lives. Closing gaps between our intentions and our actions, we at InstaMed are committed to delivering what we promise. Integrity is our aim and we ensure our interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees are aligned with it. We do not compromise on our aim for we are not afraid of authenticity. We stay accountable, welcome suggestions and stay transparent about our shortcomings, and adhere consistently to high ethical standards.



We are accountable because we own the outcome. It is one of our core values with which we glue our commitments to our services. We accept the responsibility for everything that we sell to our customers from listening attentively to our customers’ requirements to understanding their needs and delivering the highest quality.



At InstaMed, we sell instruments and technologies that save lives. We sell them with love, care, trust, and friendship that we wove in our communicative and friendly relationships with our customers. Our strong relationships both with our customers and within our team allow communication to flow and result in the collection of useful information. From our customers, this information is in the form of feedback on our performance, suggestions to improve our processes and dealings, and new ways to manage our business.

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