Histopathology and Cytology
Digital Pathology Slides Scanner and AI Assisted Diagnosis

Histopathology and Cytology

Digital Pathology Slides Scanner and AI Assisted Diagnosis

We offer small-to-large routine pathology laboratories high-quality and high-speed digital scanning solution, from low-to-high throughput applications. The digital pathology slide scanners are designed to meet diagnostic requirements, and guarantee constant color fidelity and high resolution histological and cytological samples, so that the image can be safely used to create a diagnosis. Powered by unique scanner software, the digital pathology slide scanners can achieve one-touch, fast and high-quality slide scanning to meet the needs of routine pathology laboratories.

Multiple Options:

12 slides, 120 slides, and 600 slides formats available.


ONE click to achieve fully automated scanning operation.

Digital Image:

various file formats for case discussions, teleconsultation and education.

High Precision:

Multilayer fusion imaging technology (up to 15 layers).


Automated self-calibration during scanning for consistent image quality.

AI - assisted cervical cancer screening system

The AI assisted system offers comprehensive slide analysis for cervical cancer screening, with performance listed below, it can highly speed up the WHO’s objective to eradicate cervical cancer by 2030 via reducing pathologist’s workload and enhance the diagnosis efficiency.

  • Sensitivity: 5%
  • Specificity:  70%
  • Analysis: < 1 minute

Sample Evaluation

Automatically evaluate and analyze the effective cell quantity and quality to ensure sample effectiveness.


High-risk Area Mark

Intelligently mark the suspicious area, such as the section contains positive cells or microbial infections, for pathologist alert and double confirmation.


AI Recommendations

The system also generates AI recommendations for whole-slide images to support pathologists in making accurate diagnoses.


Excellent Assistant

Pathologists can quickly and efficiently screen large amounts of samples, identifying negative
cases with the help of AI-assisted analysis.

High Compatibility

Compatible with a variety
of scanner models

Unique Compress Technology

Lossless compress
technology to
maximize storage pace

Convenient and Versatile

Multiple access. Fast retrieval to
facilitate tele-training Intelligent annotation tools available

Quality Control

API supports pathological
info system ensures quality
control of whole process

Objectivity and Stability

Quantitative analysis of
whole-slide images
to avoid subjectivity

According to the requirements of TBS diagnostic criteria, a variety of diseased cell morphology and microbial infection types can be identified:

Instant Result: <2 mins. to get diagnostic report, hard copy available

Highly effective: AI-flagged positive samples categorized automatically according to TBS, , NLNM; ASCUS; LS

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