Poct Rapid Molecular Diagnostics

Poct Rapid Molecular Diagnostics

Welcome to InstaMed, your one-stop destination for a wide array of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) solutions. Our commitment to precision and innovation is evident in our comprehensive portfolio, which ranges from molecular rapid tests to routine diagnostics. Through strategic collaborations with global leaders, we bring you cutting-edge diagnostic technologies of the highest caliber.
Discover our carefully curated selection of tests and panels, thoughtfully categorized for your convenience:

Molecular Rapid Tests:

STI: Swiftly screen for sexually transmitted infections with our STI panel.
GI: Comprehensive gastrointestinal assessment with our panel detecting viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
RV: Rapid identification of respiratory pathogens.
Infectious: Critical infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV are detected through our testing.

Cardiovascular Health:

Cardiac Biomarkers: Rapid heart-related assessment with our cardiac panel.
Lipid Profile: Evaluate cardiovascular risk through our lipid profile testing.
Coagulation: Manage anticoagulants precisely with our coagulation panel.

Diabetes Management:

Blood Glucose: Efficient diabetes control achieved through blood glucose testing.
HbA1c: Insights into long-term glucose management with HbA1c testing.
Rapid Coagulation: Aid anticoagulant management through rapid coagulation testing.

Women’s Health:

Hormone Panel: Assess fertility and reproductive health with our hormone panel.
Prenatal Screening: Detect genetic disorders during pregnancy through prenatal screening.
Pregnancy: Rapid pregnancy testing with swift result turnaround.

Emerging Technologies:

Screen for micronutrient deficiencies to manage nutrition effectively. Promptly diagnose acute febrile illnesses for timely treatment decisions. Assess cardiovascular risk with cholesterol screening.

At InstaMed, we recognize the diverse healthcare landscape and cater to it with molecular, antigen, and antibody rapid tests. Our solutions include crucial POCT assays such as blood gas and electrolyte analysis, drugs of abuse screening, urine strip testing, fecal occult blood analysis, and food pathogen screening.

Our unique molecular diagnostic rapid testing options encompass singleplex and multiplex assays, providing a holistic diagnostic approach. Our dedication to advanced diagnostics ensures that you receive rapid, accurate, and actionable results.

Experience our extensive range of tests and panels today. Let InstaMed illuminate your path to enhanced patient care and improved outcomes.
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