About Uni Medica

Shenzhen Uni-medica Technology Co., Ltd is a recognized national high-tech enterprise. Over the years, it has fostered collaborative relationships and engaged in numerous scientific research ventures with esteemed institutions such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University, the Chinese General PLA Hospital, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In acknowledgment of its groundbreaking work, Uni Medica has been honored as one of China’s top 100 new innovative enterprises. Uni Medica’s unwavering commitment lies in propelling technical innovation within molecular detection methods. Its primary focus centers on the research and development, as well as the industrialization, of molecular diagnostic products designed to enhance the prevention and control of infectious diseases and genetic disorders.

Uni-medica offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for precise diagnosis in the fields of infectious diseases and genetic anomalies, leveraging cutting-edge multi-omics technologies such as multiplex PCR, NGS technology, and flow cytometry.

Major Products

  • RT-PCR detection kit for 8 gastrointestinal infection
  • RT-PCR kit for 8/15/23 respiratory pathogens
  • RT-PCR detection Kit for STD
  • RT-PCR detection Kit for Vetor-Borne disease
  • Freeze-dried technology real time PCR Kit
  • Freeze-dried nucleic aicd detection kit(Fluorescent LAMP)
  • Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extractors
  • Real-Time quantitative thermal cycler(5 channels,96 tube capacity)
  • Real-Time quantitative thermal cycler(4 channels,48 tube capacity)
  • Portable real-time quantitative thermal cycler(3 channels,16 tube capacity)
  • 200+ pathogens targeted next generation sequencing
  • Targeted sequencing of mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacteria
  • Targeted sequencing of bloodstream infection pathogens
  • Targeted sequencing of respiratory pathogens
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