Morphology & Cytology

Morphology & Cytology

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Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Digital Pathology Slide Scanner:

High throughput, fast, clear, and stable

Our manufacturing partner and InstaMed are devoted to meeting the current market demand for digital pathology and providing an end-to-end digital pathology solution according to customers’ demand for medical institutions, scientific research institutions and laboratories


Require a microscope to view slides locally only

Manual analysis only

Complex archiving and retrieval

Single view field


View slides via computer monitor anytime, anywhere ***

Al-assisted analysis ***

Instant archiving and retrieval, HIS, LIS integration ***

Instant archiving and retrieval, HIS, LIS integration ***

  • High Quality, 3 Colors Independent Processing
  • High Resolution, 0.5µm/pixel (20X), 0.25µm/pixel (40X)
  • High Precision, 20nm Fine Control, 80x magnification

Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Routine Pathology

Paraffin Rotary Microtome

Freezing Microtome

Slide Laser Printer

Cassette Laser Printer

Pathology AI

Remote Consultation Platform
Connect pathologists, labs, hospitals worldwide

High Stability:
Safe and stable communication; High fidelity data transmission; Quality control; Data management

Remote sample guidance; Rapid frozen consultation; Synchronous diagnosis; Seamless deliver reports

High Security:
Data transmission encryption; Log record and audit; Unique and customized monitored report printing

One-click view slides with link or QR code; Support online annotate; HIS, LIS integration

Graded medical resources; Remote education; Pathology training and assessment support

Fast and detailed customization; Free upgrade; In-time technical support and after-sales service

Al-assisted Diagnosis

AI products including AI-assisted Cervical Cancer Screening System, AI-assisted Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis System and AI-assisted Gastric Cancer Diagnosis System. They are mainly used for clinic, research and education

AI-assisted Cervical Cancer Screening System

It has the advantages of automatic screening, high sensitivity & specificity, high efficiency and accuracy.
It’s used for clinic, research, and education to improve the accuracy and efficiency of pathological diagnosis.

AI-assisted Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis System

It has the advantages of high-speed screening, accurate diagnosis, high sensitivity, and continuous algorithm
improvement. It’s used for clinic, research, and education to improve the diagnosis accuracy, save time and effort.

AI-assisted Gastric Cancer Diagnosis System

It has the advantages of high-speed screening, high sensitivity & specificity, precise intelligence, etc.
It’s used for clinic, research, and education to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis through intelligent recognition technology.

Automatic Gynecological Inflammation Intelligent Fluorescence Analysis System

Automatic Gynecological Inflammation
Intelligent Fluorescence Analysis System

Multiplex Fluorescence Staining Technology

The multiple fluorescent staining technology has the dual advantages of fluorescence and morphology. It can stain Epithelial cells, Leukocytes, Lactobacilli, Clue cells, Candida vaginitis and Trichomonas vaginitis at the same time. It can not only detect vaginal related pathogen infection, but also evaluate whether the vaginal microecology and vaginal cleanliness are normal, providing help for rapid and accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment.


Orange-yellow Fluorescence

Orange-red Fluorescence

Orange-yellow fluorescence

Epithelium/ leukocyte

Clue cells

Candida albicans


Physiological saline method of direct smears

Gram Staining

Automatic intelligent fluorescence morphology detection

Comparison of various morphological detection technique

Pap Smear Cervical Screening LBC Automation

Pap Smear Cervical Screening LBC Automation

Applicable to smear preparation and staining of various cell specimens from human body prior to pathological analysis Features: Centrifuge, cell transfer, sedimentation, smear processing and staining all in 1; Batch processing, 24 specimen per hour; Employ density-gradient centrifuge, natural sedimentation and charge capture; Effectively separate non-diagnostic information to increase positive detection rate.
LTS-3000B Liquid-based cytology smear processor
Convenient 1-24 specimens can be processed, which makes specimen processing more convenient and timely. The same specimen can be used to make slides repeatedly.
Time-saving The centrifugal & staining system can be operated individually which improves efficiency. Batch processing time is less than 60 minutes.
Intelligent Specimen process, transfer, sedimentation and staining are done together, which realizes multifunctional, intelligent microprocessor-control and full automation.
Full automatic The processor is upgraded from conventional manual operation to intelligent automation which reduces the labor and avoid mistakes.
Multifunctional The following values can be set on demands: specimen type, specimen quantity, staining method, staining time, centrifugation time and rate. The working modes are adjustable and can be realized during operation.
High Detection Ratio The capture capability of lesion cells and positive detection ratio are improved greatly by the techniques like density-gradient centrifugation, natural sedimentation and charge capture.
Pipeline anti-occlusion The anti-occlusion & clearance techniques are adopted comprehensively in case of the staining needle occlusion.
Charge Capture With special slide silicified technique, the charge coat becomes stable and endurable without need of gluing
M Slide Effect The diagnostic material are available with clear background and a thin even layer of cells.
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